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Gerber Armbar Pocket Clip and Thumb Bar by FMI-NYC

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Combine our Gerber Armbar Pocket Clip and Thumb Bars to make the ultimate everyday carry multi-tool!

Gerber Armbar Pocket Clip
The Gerber Armbar is an incredibly useful everyday multi-tool. But lacks one important thing, a pocket clip! This sweet little pocket clip is the perfect addition to the Gerber Armbar multi-tool. It makes pocket carry easier and smoother. It's 3D-printed using PLA+ to make it strong. The screws are stainless steel so they won't rust.

Gerber Armbar Thumb Bar
These 3D-printed Gerber Armbar Thumb Bars will spice up your tool's appeal and give you an edge in the most important situations. This is a truly unique way to customize your Gerber Armbar for quick and easy access. The ergonomic design makes it much easier to open the blades one-handed, easily deployed with just the push of a finger!

Items included with your purchase:
1 - Pocket Clip (does not fit the SLIM or CORK version)
1 - Thumb Bar
2 - Mounting Screws
1 - Allen Key
1 - CA Glue

The pocket clip is NOT compatible with the Gerber Armbar Slim and Cork.
Mounting holes may need to be drilled out with a 1/8" bit.
Multitool not included.